A Sports Mouthguard Will Keep Your Teeth Intact

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·         Protect yourself from tooth and jaw injuries

·         Experience a custom and comfortable fit

·         Reduce the risk of concussion

·         Prevent tooth, gum, and jaw injuries

·         Prioritize your oral health!


If you’re an athlete, chances are you know how important protecting yourself from injury is. Wearing the proper gear can mean the difference between a win and a loss, and it can also keep you safe from serious injury.


One key piece of equipment that is often overlooked by many athletes is the sports mouthguard. This little device can protect your teeth from being knocked out or fractured during competition, help you avoid concussions, and so much more. Of course, choosing the most durable and comfortable option is of significant importance.


While there are a few different types of sports mouthguards available, it’s only professional, custom-made mouthguards, which are created from impressions of your teeth, that offer the protection you need. This type of guard not only helps ensure that your teeth, gums, and jaw are protected, they’re made to fit your exact mouth and are far more comfortable and durable than store-bought options.


In addition, professionally crafted sports mouthguards also:


·         Reduce your risk of concussion

·         Lessen the impact and severity of jaw injuries

·         Help prevent soft tissue injuries to the lips, tongue, and cheeks

·         Allow athletes to focus on the game, without worrying about dental pain or damage. 


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